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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Momentum Model:
Active Diversification

This chart takes a list of mutual funds and rebalances 25% of a portfolio's assets among them quarterly earning your portfolio outstanding annualized , 10-year, yellow Total Return(CAGR).

The Best of Thrivent Funds

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,Chart Thrivent Funds  Mutual Fund Chart

For less complex analysis try these Thrivent Funds  Mutual Fund Chart

Thrivent Funds  Family Member Charts
Click Here to read the prospectus any of the listed funds. Note: Stocks and indexes do not have a prospectus.

TAAAX Thrivent Aggressive Allocation-AAABFX Thrivent Balanced-A
LBHYX Thrivent Hi-Yield Bond-ALBHIX Thrivent INST:Hi-Yield Bond
LBMIX Thrivent INST:MidCap GrowthTHLCX Thrivent LargeCap Growth-I
AALGX Thrivent LargeCap Stock-AAAUTX Thrivent LargeCap Value-A
AASCX Thrivent MidCap Stock-ATHMAX Thrivent Moderate Allocation-A
TMAAX Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Alloctn-AAAMBX Thrivent Muni Bond-A
TMBIX Thrivent Muni Bond-ITREFX Thrivent Natural Resources-A
AAINX Thrivent Opportunity Income-ATPMAX Thrivent Partner MidCap Value-A
TPSAX Thrivent Partner SmallCap Growth-AAALVX Thrivent Partner SmallCap Value-A
TPSIX Thrivent Partner SmallCap Value-ITWAAX Thrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation-A
AASMX Thrivent SmallCap Stock-ATSCSX Thrivent SmallCap Stock-I

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